Mugwort Dreams


The Spirit and Body of Mugwort 

by Maya NeCol 

Mugwort is a fluffy and dense herb. Like most herbs with this texture, a lot goes a long way. Mugwort has been used for many purposes. One of the most common uses is its benefits to women's health. Mugwort is one of my favorite herbs to use for yoni steams to keep the cycle regulated.  Mugwort tea during menstruation has been known to ease cramps and headaches. 

Mugwort is also a smokeable herb. Yes! You can roll it up and smoke it. Though no smoke is healthy smoke, smoking mugwort is a great option for relaxation. 

Indeed, Mugwort has great benefits to our health, However, today we came to talk about the spiritual properties. The root and origins of this herb. Mugwort is one of my favorite herbs to enjoy. One cup of Mugwort tea before bed has been known to increase psychic abilities and receive clear messages in the dream state. 

If you are looking to become more in tune with your intuition, place a satchel of mugwort under your pillow or right above your bed. During your nightly routine, go into prayer or meditation focusing on what things that you would like more clarity about. Moreover, if you are interested in spiritual work like tarot, palm reading, oracle, candle work, or any intuitive reading Mugwort is a great herb to keep in your tea cabinet. 

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