Immunity Boosting Broth!

One of my favorite things about cooking, (besides eating, of course) is the aroma good recipes bring to my home. Isn't it true that the fragrance of certain foods being cooked, bring up certain memories or emotions? Well, let me speak for myself when I say, it heightens my five senses. Sometimes taking me to another time in my life. Other times, just making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Another thing I absolutely love about cooking is the incredible healing properties that come along with the craft,  depending on the ingredients. For this reason, you'll notice most of my recipes, are health forward or plant based. I wholeheartedly believe that God gave us medicine when food and herbs started to grow from the earth!

I'm so excited to give you guys this recipe because it's not only a mix of my 2 favorite things but its also multiple recipes in one! "Multiple recipes in one! But how Maya!???" Well, this vegan and intriguing immunity boosting broth can be used not only in soups and chili but in any recipe that calls for broth. So that means Alfredo recipes, pot pies and gravy dishes. See, multiple recipes!

Before we hop into the recipe, I have to give you the tea on these herbs! (No pun intended) I like to use fresh herbs for this, however, dry herbs work just as well. The key is extracting as many beneficial properties as possible. Fresh herbs can be found at your local grocery store, usually near the produce. Go and find as many fresh herbs as you can. There are 7 ingredients in this recipe. Along with a bonus ingredient that we'll talk about later. For now, lets get to these herbal properties.

 1.      Rosemary. This herb is excellent for settling your nerves, resulting in a good nights rest. It has also been known to aid in digestion and coughs.

 2.      Turmeric. A very popular spice in kitchens around the world. Adding a little color and spice to many dishes. The awesome thing about turmeric is the anti-inflammatory properties. Which makes it a natural fever reducer.

 3.      Onion. We use these babies daily because of the intense flavor they add to our meals. What we don't know is that onions are natural antiseptic. Sadly, we lose a lot of nutrients by cooking until soft or caramelized.

 4.      Sage. One of those herbs with many health benefits! Widely, known for its spiritual properties and as a must have in meat dishes, because of the bold flavor and aroma it brings. It is wonderful in aid to healing colds, influenza, and even asthmatic symptoms.  Sage tea should be in your regular line up if you're a tea drinker!

 5.      Garlic. The health benefits are endless! It has been recommended by herbalist to ingest a clove daily. It is especially beneficial when fighting respiratory infections. Garlic empowers the immune system.

 6.      Thyme. Has been known for treating  bronchitis in tea form. This is another kitchen favorite! Thyme can also be found in many natural cough syrups.

 7.      Bay leaves. Of course, soups, stews, chili and broth wouldn't exists without a few bay leaves. I like to think we use bay leaves so often because our subconscious knows how magical bay can be! Bay leaves are the goat when it comes to ridding the body of toxins. They also have a direct effect on respiratory issues! If you aren't cooking with bay leaves, start today!

Remember, this is a healing broth so feel free to sip it just as it is, breathe in those aromatic flavors for direct benefit to clearing the lungs. As far as that bonus ingredient. Add this when facing cold or flu symptoms head on!

 8.      Echinacea. It is known for its power to boost the immune system! Add in this dry herb after turning off you heat. Allow to seep into the broth for about 1 hour. Echinacea normally can only be found in a tea bag at the grocery store. However, we offer it right here on Click the Bulk Herbs icon!  

Now for the action:

Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 1 hour 15 minutes
Total: 1 hour 25 minutes

Bring 32 ounces of water to a boil. Once water is rolling, turn the heat low.
Add in a bunch of each herb.

Any herbs or spices that are dried, add 2 tbsp.

5 garlic cloves

1 half white onion (yellow is great as well) Pulled apart for thin slices.

Bring heat to medium so that your broth only simmers.

Allow to simmer 45 mins - 1 hour covered.

After you smell the aroma of Gods medicine all over your home, and your broth has a beautiful bronze color turn off your heat. Allow your herbs and spices to seep in the warm broth without the fire. Take advantage of this steep time by including that other half of onion or that bonus ingredient we threw in earlier in this post! Very optional though.

Allow at least 30 minutes. Drain.

Here's the time to feel free to sip it as is or  add 1 tbsp of pink Himalayan salt and whole black pepper, store it for future uses!

Do your thing! Get creative and enjoy! Tell me how yours comes out!

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