28 Days of Love




28 Ways To Love On Yourself and Others

 1. Buy yourself a new journal

I don’t know what it is about blank paper. A new journal is my first step in getting motivated or being mindful. Journaling is a great way to organize your thoughts. Get out of your head. Just put it on paper so you can have a visual of what’s going on in your mind.

 2. Light candles and run a bubble bath

Listen, reward yourself with a bubble bath. Light some candles so that the vibe is dim. We can all agree that its something very peaceful and sexy about skin under candle light.

 3. Go for a walk

I know this might sound crazy af for some of my Detroit readers. I’m talking about going for a walk in February. I know yall are like “How sis?” Here’s the thing go on that one day of the week while the sun is shining bright. Even if there is snow on the ground. take in the out doors. Take in the nature. Being outside and connected to the ground brings us to the present moment almost instantly. That’s the whole point right? If you dont believe me try it. You’ll find out when that chill hits you that what I’m saying is true about being present.

4. Allow the person ahead of you in line to take as much time as They need

I like to call this act of kindness “lending time” For some reason, its a lot of impatient folks out here. High speed internet and Amazon has really changed the game when it comes to peoples expectations and time. Time is money. Time is more valuable than actual money. So, the act of telling someone ahead of you or you migh be waiting on to take their time. It’s giving another person the chance to be present. So, next time you find yourself in the position to be patient, do just that. Be patient.


5. Cook a healthy meal for your self and your family

Their is so much delight to putting your love into a meal. Those are always the best meals. The days you go into the kitchen, take your time putting a meal together for the one or many you love.

 6. Call a friend or family member and catch up

Think of someone you love. Someone you haven’t talked to in a few weeks (or longer) Call them up. Even just to say,  “Hey! Just wanted to send you some love”

7. Write a letter to someone who’s changed your life

This could be anyone. This is a good gratitude exercise. Even if you dont actually give them the letter. Although giving it to them might add a little extra love givin on top.

8. Listen to black podcast

This isolation, quarantine life is not it. Podcast are a great way to get motivated. Find one that you like. Some of my favorites are “Black girl Bravado”, “Dead Ass” and “Therapy for black girls”

9. Drink a cup of hot tea before bed

Sometimes there is nothing more soothing than a hot mug of tea. Herbs have so many positive properties. A good night time tea is Chamomile, Mugwort, peppermint and so many more. Log on to chakracity313.com and stock up on your herbal teas.

10. Clean out a junk drawer or closet

My husband is the King of Junk drawers. He will clean our whole pint sized apartment. I’ll come in shocked and happy. Then I’ll go into the kitchen looking for an extra ketchup packet. I’ll find myself swimming through pens, receipts, and every other random thing in the house. If you know what I’m talking about. Take about an hour to clean that drawer. It’ll make you feel really good to declutter.

11. Go to lunch with a friend

This is something I need to do a lot more often. Having kids and businesses take up a lot of time. I forget to plan extracurricular outings with friends. When I do, it like a recharge. It’s a chance to be myself. Away from my home expectations. Let your hair down, order a day time cocktail and chit chat away about everything under the sun.

12. Go to your favorite restaurant alone

After having lunch with a friend. Make a reservation to a restaurant you love. But go alone. Listen to that podcast, catch up on some reading. Just enjoy spending some time alone. Treat yourself. This is love.

13. Buy a self help book

I’m always into a self help book of some sort. It’s like modern day spiritual text. You are a Bad Ass by Jen has changed my perspective. If you aren’t trying to add to your already extensive collection, pull out an old one. You don’t know what jewels you might have missed during that last read.

14. Watch your favorite movie

It maybe for a good laugh, a good cry or have you at the edge of your seat. Go watch it. If it makes you feel good, do it.

15. Do a full body stretch

Awake some muscles that you haven’t bothered in a while. An old stretch can go a long way. Getting the blood moving and being mindful of the body are sure ways to show yourself some love. Love your own body like you love your mom, because you only get 

16. Send a box of chocolates to a friend                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romance. It’s about celebrating love. Make someone’s day by showing them that you are thinking of them. This is such a sweet gesture.

17. Sing your favorite song out loud

Music is a great way to raise your vibration. Hopefully your favorite song isn’t about violence or sadness.

18. Binge watch a limited series

Only do this one if you haven’t already been binging.

19. Take fun snacks to your kids school

This one absolutely brings me joy! Seeing my sons face when I show up to his school makes my week. Plus I get to be the best mom ever, at least for the day. It’s worth every moment. Opt in for a healthy treat. Chocolate covered fruits, kettle corn, granola bars,  frozen yogurt, or maybe even Chex mix. Good thing about this one is that kids aren’t hard to please.

20. Write down your desires

Writing down your desires is the first step to manifestation. When you do this; do it without any limitations. Don’t think about why you can’t have what you want. Think about what it would feel like to actually have these things. Everything in my life that I ever wanted and actually have started as an entry in my journal. have fun with this. The universe is like a big catalog. Go through and think of things you want and write them down.

21. Book a massage

It doesn’t matter if you go alone or with your boo. Allow some professional to massage those tense muscles. Stress can stay in our bodies for years. Causing medical illness. This is what causes pain and tension. Getting a massage is a way to show your body the love it deserves.

22. Log off social media for the day

Social Media has become one of the most necessary evil of our day. I know I have a real love hate relationship with the concept. It is great for business owners. It’s also where I go to get a good laugh. I watch Ghost on Saturdays. Then all week long I’m entertained by my Facebook friends. I look forward to that. Then there’s the dark side of social media. The side that makers you compare yourself to others. Even though we know that its not real life. There’s another ominous side. Social media exposes us to any and everybody’s vibe. Take a step back and enjoy just being in the moment with yourself or your family.

23. Go to the mall in the middle of the afternoon

Even if you don’t plan on buying anything. Enjoy window shopping while its only a few people there. Look for more things to add to your list of desires

24. Try a new dish

Look on Pinterest or chakracity313.com and check out some of my recipes.

25. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or a place to work with kids.

Random acts f kindness not only raises our frequency but it raises up others. It’s a double wammy of uplifting yourself and others. Giving your time is a really good way to show some love.

26. Bake some cookies/ share them

They don’t have to be from scratch. Break a part wall do just fine. Take them to work, or to your moms anybody. Unexpected dessert is so exciting. Be the one to spread the sweet tooth love.

27. Practice taking deep breathes

The most simple and best way to be mindful is to breathe. Noticing our breathing brings us to the present, like nothing else. Try different practices. This is a great way to start the day one end the night.

28. Surprise someone with flowers

I mean who doesn’t love flowers?

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